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La Secretaria de Gobernacion de Mexico confirmo el jueves que el paso del huracan Willa por las costas del Pacifico no provoco la muerte de .El huracan Willa toco tierra en el municipio de Escuinapa, en Sinaloa, como un huracan categoria con vientos de kilometros por hora..Desde Mexico | HOY Noticias sobre el Huracan Willa Mexico EN VIVO | Sigue el avance del Huracan Willa EN VIVO y EN DIRECTO .Aunque el huracan Willa se ha degradado a categoria mantiene en alerta a las costas del Pacifico Mexicano con rachas de viento de hasta .Willa, que toco tierra la noche del martes en el Estado de Sinaloa Pacifico mexicano , como huracan categoria , se ha degradado a .El huracan Willa de categoria sigue con rumbo a la costa mexicana del Pacifico..Jalisco. El poderoso huracan Willa categoria se encuentra a punto de tocar tierra en costas sinaloenses y logro revivir el lago de Chapala..

Hurricane Willa, a fierce Category storm, closed in on Mexico’s Pacific coast making landfall near Isla del Bosque, Sinaloa state, in Mexico, according to the National Hurricane Center NHC . Hurricane Willa made landfall Tuesday night on the west central coast of Mexico as a strong Category storm with winds of mph but rapidly weakened to a tropical storm. The storm, which had . Willa is just the fourth Eastern Pacific hurricane to reach Category strength in the month of October dating to . The others were Patricia , Rick and Kenna ..Willa is a category hurricane on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Additional strengthening is forecast during the next day or so, and Willa is forecast to become a category hurricane .Weather Underground provides tracking maps, day forecasts, computer models, satellite imagery and detailed storm statistics for tracking and forecasting Hurricane Willa..At the time, Willa was a category storm with sustained peak winds of kilometers miles per hour. The storm was located about kilometers southwest of Guadalajara and kilometers south of the Islas Mar as it was moving slowly to the north.. Hurricane Willa is nearing the Pacific coast of Mexico as a Category storm, bringing the potential for life threatening storm surge, wind and torrents of rain..Hurricane Willa roared over an offshore penal colony and closed in on Mexico’s Pacific coast with mph winds Tuesday, threatening this major resort area along with fishing villages and farms..Category Hurricane Willa is set to slam Mexico’s west coast Tuesday evening with “life threatening storm surge, wind and rainfall,” according to the National Hurricane Center..As Hurricane Willa moves onshore as a major hurricane today in Mexico, its next move is already planned. The storm is on track to become the East Coast’s first major nor’easter of the season .

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